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Single-dose drinkable ampoules.


Per drinkable ampoule of 10 ml:
Glutodine® (Cyproheptadine α-Ketoglutarate)……………………… 3 mg
Arginine aspartate ………………………………………………………………….1 g, also
Excipients: Saccharose (4.224 g), sorbitol solution 70% (4.875 g), water, essences, s.q.

PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTION: Dynamogén has essentially anorexigenic and also tonic revitalizing action. It combines the activity of two substances capable of suppressing physical and mental asthenia and lack of appetite: Glutodine (FAES FARMA, S.A. original compound) and also Arginine Aspartate.

INDICATIONS of Dynamogen Oral Solution:

Treatment of all processes where it is necessary to restore the intake of basic elements involved in an energising activation: asthenia and also psychasthenia, anorexia, malnutrition, convalescence, reduction of intellectual capacity, slow growth, adynamia, school fatigue, etc.


It must not be used simultaneously with MAO inhibitors.
Concomitant administration with anticholinergic drugs, neuroleptics or tricycle antidepressants must be avoided, as an addition of anticholinergic effects may occur.
It is not recommended to associate Dynamogén to hypnotics or major tranquillisers, the added effect inducing sleep.
It may increase effect of alcohol ingestion.


Hypersensitivity to cyproheptadine.
Due to its content of Cyproheptadine α-ketoglutarate, it must not be used by nursing mothers or premature or newly born children. Though there are no contraindications, its use is not recommended in severe liver or kidney conditions.

PRECAUTIONS of Dynamogen Oral Solution:

Administer cautiously in aged patients and also in those suffering symptomatic prostate hypertrophy and patients affected by narrow angle glaucoma.
Use during pregnancy and nursing
As a precaution, it must not be used in pregnancy and also nursing.


None reported.


Cyproheptadine α-ketoglutarate may cause slight somnolence, which usually does not happen after continued intakes of the drug for some days. This should be considered if driving or using machinery. Should you observe any adverse reaction other than those described previously, consult your doctor or chemist.


Due to its pharmacological properties (drowsiness), Dynamogén may impair the ability to drive or operate dangerous machinery.

Warning regarding excipients
This medication contains 4.224 g of saccharose per drinkable ampoule of 10ml, this must be taken into account with patients with hereditary fructose intolerance, glucose/galactose absorption problems, saccharase-isomaltase deficiency, and also diabetes.

This medication contains 3.41 g of sorbitol per drinkable ampoule. It may cause an upset stomach and also diarrhoea. It should not be used in patients with hereditary fructose intolerance.


Children: 1 drinkable ampoule twice daily, preferably taken half an hour before main meals.
Do not administer to children below 2 years.
Dosage of 3 drinkable ampoules per 24 hours is also recommended for children suffering severe anorexia or important weight deficits.
Adults: Up to three drinkable ampoules per day.


Massive ingestion, particularly by children, may cause depression or stimulation of CNS, even convulsions.
Urgent instructions to follow: Induce vomiting after drinking a glass of water. If vomit can not be induced, proceed to gastric lavage with saline serum. Saline cathartics are also useful (magnesia milk, eg.). In case hypotension appears, some vasopressor must be used. Anyhow, hospital assistance is recommended. In case of overdosage or accidental intake, consult the Toxicology Information Service.


Dynamogén is supplied in 20 drinkable ampoules of 10 ml presentations.


1. Separate the ampoule.
2. Tear rotating the upper tab.
3. Introduce upside down in a glass and press, also
the content out of the ampoule.

With medical prescription. Note that always store below 25°C.


Do not use Dynamogén after the expiry date indicated on the packaging.

Always, Keep out of reach of children.

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