Apcalis – Tadalafil 20 mg Impotence Tablets

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Generic Cialis (Apcalis – Tadalafil 20 mg) is a powerful medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and unstable erection syndrome.

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Apcalis – Tadalafil 20 mg Impotence Tablets

Generic Cialis (Apcalis – Tadalafil 20 mg) is a powerful medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and unstable erection syndrome. Tadalafil is the active component of the drug that provides a strong 36-hour duration of action. However, the cost of Cialis is quite high, so not every man can afford to buy this drug, especially if the erection problems have become permanent.

Usually, most men use Cialis analogs, so-called generics, which are less expensive. Generics have the same active ingredient as the branded Cialis, in the same concentration; therefore, the principle of action of these medicines is identical.

Why is generic Cialis so cheap?

During the development of the original drug, Eli Lilly and Company spent a lot of money on research and testing of the active substance and auxiliary components. It is not surprising, because only with the help of laboratory tests, which last for several years, the manufacturer can determine the safety and effectiveness of the drug. These tests are quite expensive, however, all the costs, as a result, are paid off by the increased price of the drug. Manufacturers of generics do not spend money and time on research, because they use the already use well-known formula.

Furthermore, do not forget about the cost of promotion. A few years ago, Cialis was virtually unknown, unlike the popular Viagra, so Eli Lilly had to spend a lot of money on an advertising campaign. In the case of a generic, manufacturers simply follow the policies of the current brand.

The design of the package and the form of the pills also need time and money. Generic makers take the original design as a basis and add minor changes to it (for example, change the color of the tablet or a few letters on it, add some new design elements to the packaging, etc.).

That’s why Cialis generics are much cheaper than the brand-name Cialis and popular among men.

Generic Apcalis Tadalafil 20mg Impotence Tablets For Sale Online

Is Cialis generic effective?

Some people doubt the effectiveness of such medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and consider only the branded drug to be effective. It is not so, because the generic contains the same active and auxiliary components in the same dosage.

The only warning costumers should know: it is recommended to take only well-known generics from trusted Indian companies that have certificates for their products. In this case, the patient can be confident in the effectiveness and safety of Cialis.

Why may Cialis generic not work?

There are several options:

The patient purchased a counterfeit drug. Generic and original medications are almost identical in their composition, but some illegal online pharmacies sell counterfeit copies of original medications that do not bring any effect.

If the drug doesn’t suit the patient because of the individual intolerance of the body. In this case, it makes sense to try another generic, which the doctor should recommend after a full medical examination.

The patient took the drug with a large amount of alcohol or fatty foods. With the simultaneous use of ethanol, Cialis can cause side effects and lose its effectiveness.

Patient is taking medicines that neutralize tadalafil activity (such as antidepressants).
Benefits of Generic Tadalafil

Affordable cost. It is not necessary to overpay for the original drug, because generics are equally effective; but can be purchased several times cheaper.

High efficiency. The drug begins to act approximately 20 minutes after ingestion, and the duration of the action reaches 36 hours.

The minimum number of side effects (in case if the patient has no contraindications of taking this drug).
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It is proved that Cialis generics help even in cases of severe forms of erectile function caused by diabetes mellitus or prolonged prostatitis.

The drug is allowed to take even patients with pathologies of the liver and kidneys (in this case, the optimal dosage is adjusted and prescribed by the attending professional individually).

Thus, Cialis generics are drugs that can treat even severe forms of erectile dysfunction.

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