Delestrogen (Estradiol Valerate) 20 mg/5mL Injection

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Delestrogen generic Estradiol Valerate (also known as E2V) is a pro-drug ester of Estradiol, a naturally occurring hormone that circulates endogenously within the human body. Estradiol is the most potent form of all mammalian estrogenic steroids and acts as the major female sex hormone.

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Delestrogen generic Estradiol Valerate (also known as E2V) is a pro-drug ester of Estradiol, a naturally occurring hormone that circulates endogenously within the human body. Estradiol is the most potent form of all mammalian estrogenic steroids and acts as the major female sex hormone. As a prodrug of estradiol, estradiol acetate, therefore, has the same downstream effects within the body through binding to the Estrogen Receptor (ER) including ERα and ERβ subtypes, which are located in various tissues including in the breasts, uterus, ovaries, skin, prostate, bone, fat, and brain.

Estradiol is commonly produced with an ester side-chain as endogenous estradiol has very low oral bioavailability on its own (2-10%). First-pass metabolism by the gut and the liver quickly degrades the estradiol molecule before it gets a chance to enter the systemic circulation and exert its estrogenic effects [9]. Esterification of estradiol aims to improve absorption and bioavailability after oral administration (such as with Estradiol valerate) or to sustain release from depot intramuscular injections (such as with Estradiol Cypionate) through improved lipophilicity. Following absorption, the esters are cleaved, resulting in the release of endogenous estradiol, or 17β-estradiol. Ester prodrugs of estradiol are therefore considered to be bioidentical forms of estrogen.

Estradiol valerate is commercially available as an intramuscular injection as the product Delestrogen and is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms and vulvovaginal atrophy due to menopause, for the treatment of hypoestrogenism due to hypogonadism, castration or primary ovarian failure, and for the treatment of advanced androgen-dependent carcinoma of the prostate (for palliation only). Estradiol valerate is also available in combination with Dienogest as the commercially available product Natazia used for the prevention of pregnancy and for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding.

The primary source of estrogen in normally cycling adult women is the ovarian follicle, which secretes 70 to 500 mcg of estradiol daily, depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. However, after menopause, most endogenous estrogen is produced by conversion of androstenedione, secreted by the adrenal cortex, to estrone by peripheral tissues. Thus, estrone and the sulfate conjugated form, estrone sulfate, are the most abundant circulating estrogens in postmenopausal women [Label].

Although circulating estrogens exist in a dynamic equilibrium of metabolic interconversions, estradiol is the principal intracellular human estrogen and is substantially more potent than its metabolites, estrone and estriol at the receptor level. Because of the difference in potency between estradiol and estrone, menopause (and a change in primary hormone from estradiol to estrone) is associated with a number of symptoms associated with this reduction in potency and in estrogenic effects. These include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood changes, irregular menses, chills, and sleeping problems. Administration of synthetic and bioidentical forms of estrogen, such as estradiol valerate, has shown to improve these menopausal symptoms.


Estrogen mediates its effects across the body through potent agonism of the Estrogen Receptor (ER), which is located in various tissues including in the breasts, uterus, ovaries, skin, prostate, bone, fat, and brain. Estradiol binds to both subtypes of the Estrogen Receptor: Estrogen Receptor Alpha (ERα) and Estrogen Receptor Beta (ERβ). Estradiol also acts as a potent agonist of G Protein-coupled Estrogen Receptor (GPER), which has recently been recognized as a major mediator of estradiol rapid cellular effects

Mechanism of action:

Estradiol enters target cells freely (e.g., female organs, breasts, hypothalamus, pituitary) and interacts with a target cell receptor. When the estrogen receptor has bound its ligand it can enter the nucleus of the target cell, and regulate gene transcription which leads to the formation of messenger RNA. The mRNA interacts with ribosomes to produce specific proteins that express the effect of estradiol upon the target cell. Estrogens increase the hepatic synthesis of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), thyroid-binding globulin (TBG), and other serum proteins and suppress follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from the anterior pituitary.
Increases in the downstream effects of ER binding reverse some of the symptoms of menopause, which are primarily caused by a loss of estrogenic activity.


IM Injection: When conjugated with aryl and alkyl groups for parenteral administration, the rate of absorption of oily preparations is slowed with a prolonged duration of action, such that a single intramuscular injection of estradiol valerate or estradiol cypionate is absorbed over several weeks.

Natazia: After oral administration of estradiol valerate, cleavage to 17β-estradiol and valeric acid takes place during absorption by the intestinal mucosa or in the course of the first liver passage. This gives rise to estradiol and its metabolites, estrone, and other metabolites. Maximum serum estradiol concentrations of 73.3 pg/mL are reached at a median of approximately 6 hours (range: 1.5–12 hours) and the area under the estradiol concentration curve [AUC(0–24h)] was 1301 pg·h/mL after a single ingestion of a tablet containing 3 mg estradiol valerate under the fasted condition on Day 1 of the 28-day sequential regimen

What can I do to lower my chances of a serious side effect with DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate)?

Talk with your healthcare provider regularly about whether you should continue taking DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate). If you have a uterus, talk to your healthcare provider about whether the addition of a progestin is right for you. See your healthcare provider right away if you get vaginal bleeding while taking DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate). Have a breast exam and mammogram (breast X-ray) every year unless your healthcare provider tells you something else. If members of your family have had breast cancer or if you have ever had breast lumps or an abnormal mammogram, you may need to have breast exams more often. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol (fat in the blood), diabetes, are overweight, or if you use tobacco, you may have higher chances of getting heart disease. Ask your healthcare provider for ways to lower your chances of getting heart disease.

General information about the safe and effective use of DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate)
Medicines are sometimes prescribed for conditions that are not mentioned in patient information leaflets. Do not take DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) for conditions for which it was not prescribed. Do not give DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) to other people, even if they have the same symptoms you have. It may harm them.

Keep DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) out of the reach of children.
This leaflet provides a summary of the most important information about DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) . If you would like more information, talk with your healthcare provider or pharmacist. You can ask for information about DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) that is written for health professionals. You can get more information by calling the toll-free number 1-866-923-2547.

What are the ingredients in DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate)?

DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) is supplied in three 5 mL multiple dose vials; 10 mg/mL, 20 mg/ml, and 40 mg/mL strengths. The 10 mg/mL strength contains 10 mg estradiol valerate in a solution of chlorobutanol and sesame oil. The 20 mg/mL strength contains 20 mg estradiol valerate in a solution of benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, and castor oil. The 40 mg/mL strength contains 40 mg estradiol valerate in a solution of benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, and castor oil.

Who should not take DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate)?
Do not start taking DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) if you:
-have unusual vaginal bleeding.
-currently have or have had certain cancers.
Estrogens may increase the chances of getting certain types of cancers, including cancer of the breast or uterus. If you have or had cancer, talk with your healthcare provider about whether you should take DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) .
-had a stroke or heart attack in the past year.
-currently have or have had blood clots.
-currently have or have had liver problems.
-are allergic to DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) or any of its ingredients. See the end of this leaflet for a list of ingredients in DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) .
think you may be pregnant.

How should I take DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) ?

DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) should be injected deeply into the upper, outer quadrant of the gluteal muscle following the usual precautions for intramuscular administration. By virtue of the low viscosity of the vehicles, the various preparations of DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate injection, USP) may be administered with a small gauge needle. Since the 40 mg potency provides a high concentration in a small volume, particular care should be observed to administer the full dose.

DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) should be visually inspected for particulate matter and color prior to administration; the solution is clear, colorless to pale yellow. Storage at low temperatures may result in the separation of some crystalline material which dissolves readily on warming.

NOTE: A dry needle and syringe should be used. Use of a wet needle or syringe may cause the solution to become cloudy; however, this does not affect the potency of the material.

Start at the lowest dose and talk to your healthcare provider about how well that dose is working for you.
Estrogens should be used at the lowest dose possible for your treatment only as long as needed. The lowest effective dose of DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) has not been determined. You and your healthcare provider should talk regularly (for example, every 3 to 6 months) about the dose you are taking and whether you still need treatment with DELESTROGEN (estradiol valerate) .


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