Pentobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate. It is commonly used as a cure for insomnia or a sedative for people with epilepsy. But in high doses, it can cause death. That is why pentobarbital-based drugs are widely used for euthanasia in the countries where it is allowed. Note that pentobarbital itself is an active substance that can be used in numerous pills. The most commonly used drug for voluntary death is Nembutal.
For example, in the Netherlands, Nembutal is commonly used in physician-assisted suicide. The dosage depends on the individual solution, but usually, it is 9 grams of pentobarbital sodium for injection and 10 grams for the oral dose. Of course, in the case of euthanasia, a doctor maintaining the whole procedure will individually calculate the dose according to body constitution and health condition.
Another vital thing to take into consideration is that pentobarbital-assisted euthanasia causes no pain and suffering. Being initially a cure for insomnia, it puts a person to deep painless sleep, causing then a respiratory arrest. Numerous researches have proved that for a human being, an entire process is indistinguishable from an ordinary falling asleep.
Pitfalls of buying pentobarbital online
Nevertheless, while providing mild sedation and being one of the most effective drugs for voluntary death, pentobarbital had been withdrawn from regular use more than twenty years ago. Currently, those drugs may be purchased directly from manufacturers or online stores. In most cases, you’ll also be required to show a doctor’s prescription. That’s why very often people go online looking for a Nembutal.
But it is tough to find a trustworthy website while searching “where can I buy pentobarbital safely.” Taking into consideration that a cost for a dose of pentobarbital is usually over $1,000, no wonder that numerous scammers are trying to make money. The most common scheme here is when a customer is offered to pay money without receiving anything at all – in this case, the website might disappear in several days.

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